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What do we do?

We build awesome websites.

Impressions that last. Innovative concepts. Unique, unforgetable experiences. Top-notch websites and applications for people like you.

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Who are we?

Pixelmess is a full service team committed to nurturing your brand to it's full potential. We don't create cookie cutter websites. We help build communities and lasting audiences around your brand.

Established in 2008, Pixelmess are a small startup team of creatives dedicated to delivering high functioning, usable, and engaging solutions for you. We care about your needs, and are dedicated to delivering a product that works for you and your industry.

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How we do it

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  • Inquire
    First, we start by gathering information. We try to learn everything. About your project, your industry, your goals, your competitors, and find out exactly what you need.
  • Plan
    With the information we've gathered, we form a plan. We set a timeline, milestones, and decide on the appoarch that best fits your needs.
  • Build
    With the plan set, now the fun begins. We start the constructing and executing the plan.
  • Deploy
    Before you know it, everything ready to go, and the big launch date is here. With development complete, we deploy in a live enviroment!
  • Manage
    But the job is never really done, we always seek to improve and adjust to get the most out of your project.

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